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Wanting to help strengthen and heal Native People, Lita Pepion, Blackfeet, formed CRL Health & Fitness, LLC in 2004, a Native owned and operated company specializing in reducing health and life disparities of the Native Americans by providing education, motivation, training, coaching, and technical assistance services. All CRL services are culturally relevant and tailored to fit the needs and learning styles of Native American people. Our trainers have lived both on and off the rez and understand the challenges you face every day. For further information either call CRL at 406-252-1667, email Lita Pepion or visit CRL Health & Fitness, LLC online. Find out today how YOU can get your body moving, start making healthier choices and live better!




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May 17 - 19, 2016

Montana Indian Business Alliance Conference

Featuring nationally recognized and local presenters committed to the growth of strong economics through private sector Native American business development and entrepreneurship … a “must” for tribal leaders and policy makers, Indian business owners, tribal college staff and students, tribal judiciary, economic and community developers, federal and state agencies and lenders.



Business Education Courses

Building Native Industry Institute

An online learning center where Indian entrepreneurs can improve their business skills at their own pace anywhere Internet access is available...

Online Survey

Indian Non-profit Alliance Survey

Conducting a first ever, comprehensive research project of Indian nonprofits, with the goal being to acquire a greater understanding of these organizations, and identify current best practices in the areas of management and leadership...

Online Survey

Governor Bullock's Main Street Montana Project: Indian Country Survey

Please take a moment to respond to the Main Street Montana Project Survey. The Main Street Montana Project aims to engage Montanans from all walks of life and from every corner of the state to build a business plan for Montana...


Marketing Targets Native American Made Products

Montana's popular MADE IN MONTANA marketing program now features a NATIVE AMERICAN MADE IN MONTANA logo label specifically created to promote Native American made products....
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The State of Montana

The Governor's Energy Intern Program

Aligning Montana's top-notch students with work experiences in the State's booming energy sector. By partnering with Montana schools, businesses, nonprofits and organizations we are able to cater to diverse student interests...
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Small Business Administration

Native American Small Business Primer: Strategies for Success

A new online tool that helps Native American entrepreneurs prepare for business ownership. The Native American Small Business Primer is a free online business course developed for Native American entrepreneurs...