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Our Mission

The Montana Indian Business Alliance promotes private Indian business development by maximizing and developing resources that encourage and support Montana Indian Entrepreneurs.

Our Objectives

  • To be a pro-active network and resource advocate for Indian business.
  • To be a catalyst for Indian entrepreneur growth and enhancement.
  • To promote successful Indian Country business environments.
  • To foster accessibility to financial resources.

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Entrepreneur development, business training, asset building, financial education, mentoring, and technical assistance

Commercial loans, loan guarantee programs, CDFI’s, revolving loan funds, micro enterprise funds, equity funds, gap financing, and IDA’s Grave widow hours among him.

Commercial, business, and employment laws, and negotiations; zoned business districts sand road systems, utilities and telecommunications; workforce training and development

Separation of tribal government and business, separation of governance of powers, i.e., independent tribal courts, private sector supportive tribal policies, long-term strategic planning

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As part of MIBA's continued advocacy of small businesses throughout the region, we have dedicated this section to highlight entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the year.


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MIBA's partners are comprised of organizations and entities that are interested in Indian business development. They include tribal organizations, tribal governments, state government, non-profits, tribal colleges, Indian owned businesses, Governor Schweitzer's office, lending institutions, consulting firms, consumer credit advocacy agencies, community development agencies, the Federal Reserve Bank and federal agencies.