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The National Native American Non-Profit Directory

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  The Administration for Native Americans is committed to fostering economic and social development in Native American communities and has developed the National Native American Non-Profit Directory to forward that goal.

The National Native American Non-Profit Directory was developed to assist the Native American Non-Profits in the directory to secure additional resources that support the control and coordination of services and programs that safeguard the health and well-being of people and are essential to a thriving and self-sufficient community.

This directory is a reference to help you find resources in your state or region. The directory will also provide corporations, foundations, federal government, state and local governments with information about Native American Non-Profits that they might want to support and/or assist. We invite Native American Non-Profit organizations to add their information to help increase their access to resources.

To join The National Native American Non-Profit Directory visit http://www.ackco.com/nnp/(xp2x4f45wtiqgj55sdxlm3up)/default.aspx?panel=join.



If you would like to submit additional resources to be listed, you may contact us at info@mibaonline.org