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Native American Development Corporation (NADC)

Date: August 1 - 3, 2017
Location: The Northern Hotel | Billings, Montana

NADC - Native American Development Corporation presents 'Taking Back Our Communities Through Economic Change'. The annual conference focuses on facing challenges through community development and capturing opportunities and has attracted Native owned small businesses, tribal leaders and prime contractors from the region as well as gaining national attention as the premier economic development and procurement conference in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions.

There is a general feeling of uncertainty about what the future holds, not only in Indian Country, but throughout the nation and the world. What funding will be cut or completely eliminated? Are we ready to not only face but overcome these huge upcoming obstacles? It seems Indian Country has come to another crossroads. We have a choice to make, are we going to be proactive or reactive?

The conference this year will on focus on creating supportive business environments on reservations and development of business strategies that utilize Federal, State and private resources. The conference will feature excellent speakers, panel members, trade show, entertainment and a strategic matchmaking event planned to allow for one-on-one connectivity.

It is expected that this event will attract not only outstanding Native American and Tribal Owned companies and community organizations/members but a slate of prime contractors and government entities looking for suppliers. Approximately 200 participants are expected at the conference this year!



Montana Indian Business Alliance



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NADC Economic Development and Procurement Conference

Native One Stop

Date: On-going
Location: Online

Government Resources

Launched in an effort to provide American Indians and Alaska Natives with easy, online access to Federal resources and programs. NativeOneStop.gov is a partnership of many Federal agencies and organizations with a shared vision – to provide improved, personalized access to Federal resources and programs for American Indians and Alaska Natives. NativeOneStop.gov will make it easier for tribes, Alaska Natives, and American Indians to find services, receive consistent information, and streamline outreach and services by Federal agencies.

The site's core function is the eligibility prescreening questionnaire or "Resources Finder." Answers to the questionnaire are used to evaluate a visitor's situation and compare it with the eligibility criteria for resources and programs. Each program description provides visitors with the next steps to apply for any resource or program of interest.



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Government Resources for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Small Business Administration

Date: On-going
Location: Online

Native American Small Business Primer: Strategies for Success

The U.S. Small Business Administration has launched a new online tool that helps Native American entrepreneurs prepare for business ownership. The Native American Small Business Primer: Strategies for Success (PDF) is a free online business course developed for Native American entrepreneurs that gives an overview of basic business principles and of the SBA's programs and services that help business owners get started.

The new primer is an important tool for American Indians, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian business owners that can lend in our nation's overall economic health through business ownership and creating new jobs. Our ultimate goal is to help spur job creation and to stimulate economic and business development in our Native American communities.



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Small Business Administration Learning Center

Business Education Courses

Date: On-going
Location: Online

The Building Native Industry Institute houses an abundance of virtual trainings designed to help improve skills in the areas of starting, growing, running, managing finances for, and marketing a business.

Enabling Native entrepreneurs to access a variety of business education courses, complete with videos and downloadable worksheets, while overcoming common challenges, such as distance and time restraints, regularly related to accessing business education in rural areas.

This online platform houses an abundance of virtual trainings designed to help improve skills in the areas of starting, growing, running, managing finances for, and marketing a business. Each course also incorporates a pre- and post-test so that entrepreneurs can gauge how they have improved their skills in the course matter.



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Lakota Funds, a member of the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance