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Hunting The Rez Announces Premiere Issue Release

Date: December 2010

Rocky Boy, Montana (December 22, 2010) ~ CircNetwork today announced the debut of the Premiere Issue of Hunting The Rez magazine, a new sportsman's directory to 52 million additional acres of big game hunting and fishing opportunities previously hidden in plain sight right here in North America. Look for the magazine on newsstand shelves across North America starting December 14th. Hunting The Rez Announces Premiere Issue Release The magazine, a classic full color glossy in a print format, is being published quarterly in its first year.

With North American hunting grounds getting harder and harder to find, Indian country is the fast becoming the preferred spot for savvy sportsmen looking for abundant hunting and fishing opportunities. Hunting The Rez has taken a leadership position in the market by bringing these lands to light.

"We are very pleased with Hunting the Rez's launch," said Jason Belcourt of Rocky Boys Indian Reservation, Montana, publisher and owner. "It's not only for the economic benefits afforded the reservation programs we'll be showcasing from issue to issue, but also for the millions of acres of hunting and recreational opportunities open to the non-tribal members of the outdoor sportsmen community."

His vision for the magazine, which Belcourt has formed over a lifetime of hunting the vast wildlife populations of Tribal lands, serves to inspire sportsmen from across the globe to plan an exciting hunting or fishing adventure in Indian country and takes the role of guide, acting as a resource in helping them plan that adventure.

Jason Belcourt, Hunting The Rez Belcourt was quick to add insider-insight, "There are many distinct advantages to hunting in Indian country. For instance, many tribes have rifle seasons during bugling season as opposed to the states. Some tribes even offer extended seasons for non-enrolled sportsmen." That's big news in a community looking for new trophy opportunities.

According to Belcourt, "Native American tribes are implementing sound strategies for the protection and promotion of resident wildlife on their lands, and many are reintroducing animals such as wild turkey, big horn sheep, buffalo and moose." He promises Hunting The Rez takes their role in land stewardship seriously, and of the 224 large land tribes, says "their management strategies serve as a base from which we're building a sustainable, renewable natural resource. We're proud to represent their efforts to the worldwide audience that wants and needs to know all about it."

According to Chris Howley, Managing Director of CircNetwork, Hunting The Rez's distribution coordinator, "Hunting The Rez owns a unique niche in the category, and there's a lot of excitement leading up to this first issue. Look for it in Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million and many other locations starting next week."

To learn more about Hunting The Rez or to become a Hunting The Rez retailer or distributor, please contact Chris Howley at 970-412-4466 or


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