Partnering With MIBA

The Montana Indian Business Alliance (MIBA) is an action entity that agreed to join forces after the first-ever Montana Indian Business Conference in February, 2006. Support for Indian-owned businesses both off and on Montana Indian reservations is critical. MIBA was formed by individuals who recognize that on-reservation Indian economies and off-reservation Indian economies (Little Shell, for example) need specifically tailored assistance.


If you agree with MIBA's mission and can commit to regular and continued involvement please fill out the MIBA Partner Form to become a valued Partner.


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A Resource, Miriam Smith


Action COACH, Carol Boettger


Action COACH, Rod Trahan


Advanced Towing & Asset Recovery, Martin Marceau


All About Work, Sabrina Hanan


Apsaalooke Contracting, LLC, Sidney Fitzpatrick


Apsaalooke Jockey Club, Pete Big Hair


Assiniboine Council, Julia Cuffaro


Assiniboine Council, Carol Foote


AST Northwest, Timothy Ryan


Baker & Baker Associates, Jeanne Baker


Bannock Pride Alternataive Funeral Services, Dave & Marcia Robles


Barnes Vegetation Control, A.J. Barnes and Dean Barnes


Bear Paw Development Corporation, Joe LaPlante


Bell Rock Cafe, Ava Bellrock


Big Back Silk Screening, Michele Big Back and Robert Big Back


Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits, Projects Coordinator, Bill Pratt


Blackfeet Community College, Lola Wippert


Blackfeet Tribe, Cheryl Reevis


Blackfeet Youth Planning & Development Council, Mandy Burns


Brewery Art International, Mike


Browning Community Development Corporation, Joe & Rose Bremner


Browning Community Development Corporation, Elva Dorsey


Business Improvement District, Tina Rusch


C2 Business Soulutions, Carol Cunningham


Campbell, Jason , Jason Campbell


Chief Dull Knife College, Melissa Lonebear


Chief Dull Knife College, Yvonneda Thompson


Chippewa Cree Construction Corporation, Tony Belcourt


Chippewa Cree Tribe, Dr. Nate St. Pierre


Christopher Rowland Fine Art, Chris Rowland


CoupMarks Co-OP, Wes Benn and Justin Benn


CRL Consulting, Lita Pepion


Crow Native Farm & Ranch Department, Barry Real Bird


Crow Tribal Economic Development, Jeannie Pretty Paint


Crow Tribal Health Department, Jonella Hill


Cut Bank Job Service, Fred Greco


Durgelo, Jolene, Jolene Durgeloh


Eagle Bank, Martin Olsson


EverFi, Inc., Mick Karls


Falls Down, Kirsten, Kirsten Falls Down


Fat Buffalo Enterprises, LLC, Bernadette Smith


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Linda Preston


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Gloria Reynolds


Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Sue Woodrow


First Interstate Bank, Barbara Braided Hair


First Interstate BancSystem, Johnnie McClusky


First Interstate BancSystem, Sandy Wood


Flathead Valley Community College, Jodi Smith


Flores, Natalie, Natalie Flores


Fort Belknap Community College, McKay Olson


Fort Belknap Community College, Public Relations Specialist, Rebecca Bishop


Fort Belknap Pro, Gerald Stiffarm


Fort Belknap Small Business Development Center, Mildred Kinsey


Fort Belknap Tribe, Jackie Weasel


Fort Peck Assiniboine Council, Marva Runs Through


Fort Peck Community College, Craig Smith


Fort Peck Community College, Mark Sansaver


G & G Advertising, Michael Gray


Gift Baskets by Turtle Woman, Jessie James Hawley


Great Falls Development Authority, Rebecca Engum


Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, Director, Jason Smith


Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, Acting Director, Lesa Evers


Horizon Companies, Margo Gray-Proctor


Hot Rock Healing Massage, Donita Sioux


HUD-Helena Field Office, Larry Gallagher


Indian Land Capital Co., Gerald Sherman


Investment Banking and Management, Gina Gray


Junction Cafe & Drive Inn, Tom McKay


Kloli Consulting, Heather Cahoon, PhD


Komenha "Pure Woman" Jewelry, Sharlene Evans


LG Consultants, Arla J. Gourneau


Lissie's Luv Yums, Melissa Clark


Little Big Horn College, Ada Iron


Little Big Horn College, Sharon Peregoy


Little Big Horn College, Lynna Smith


Lone Eagle Consulting, Frank Odasz


LongTimeSleeping, Molly A., Molly A. LongTimeSleeping


Metal Art Sculpture, Glenn Aragon Sr.


Missouri River Dance School, Dugan Coburn


MN American Indian Chamber of Commerce, Pamela Standing


Montana Arts Council, Indian Art Market Development Specialist


Montana Community Development Corporation, Director of Business Advising & SBDC, Amita Patel Greer


Montana DNRC Resource Development Bureau, Alice Stanley


Montana Department of Agriculture, Growth Through Agriculture Program, Collin Watters


Montana Department of Commerce, Philip Belangie


Montana Department of Commerce, Jason Smith


Montana Department of Commerce, Program Manager, Indian Country Economic Development, Heather Sobrepena-George


Montana Department of Commerce, MBLP Program Manager, Janice Wannebo


Montana Department of Commerce, Deputy Director, Andy Poole


Montana Department of Labor, John Rife


Montana Department of Transportation, Civil Rights Bureau, Shelia Cozzie


Montana Department of Transportation, DBE Program Specialist, Shannon Hahn


Montana Indian Education Association, Carol Juneau


Montana Legislature, State Representative, Norma Bixby


Montana Office of Economic Development, Liz Ching


Montana Tribal Economic Development Commission, Director, Casey Winn Lozar


Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance, Michael Sweeney


Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau


Montana State University, Billings, Dr. Ronald Sexton


Montana State University, Billings, Reno Charette


Montana State University, Billings, John Walsh


Morigeau, Mary Rose, Mary Rose Morigeau


Murrays Genealogy Service, Sylvia Murray


National Tribal Development Association, Ronnie Joe Henry


Native American Cree-a-tion, Shelia Denny


Native American Development Corporation, Elaine "Taffy" Lafferty


Native American Development Corporation, Mary Walks Over Ice


Native American Veteran's Coalition, Ronn Moccasin


Native Montana Magazine, James Parker Shield


Native View, Shawn White Wolf


New Generation, LLC, Garry Umphress


NFTE, Victor Salama


Nitzitapi Consulting, Susan Webber


Northern Plains Design, Carol Mason


Northern Plains Region Small Business Transportation Resource Center, Gordon Jackson


Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development, Division of Capital Investment, Deanna Comeau


Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development, Shelly Pipe


Oglala Sioux Tribe, Courtney Two Lance


Oglala Sioux Tribe, Kevin Steele


Openness Works Consulting, Annie Barron


Opportunity Link, Inc., Barbara Stiffarm


People's Partner for Community Development, Tommy Robinson


People's Partner for Community Development, Sharon Small


Plain Feather Construction, LLC, Duffy Duffield


Rez Got Game, Leslie Hammerberg


Rice Historic Lumber, Jim Rice


Rides Horse, Selena, Selena Rides Horse


River Crow Trading Post, Jill Hugs and Theo Hugs


Runaround Solutions & Consulting, Jodi Hunter-Ivins


Rural Dynamics, Inc., Karen Heisler


Rural Dynamics Inc., Tim Guardipee


Sage Quest Consulting, Johnel Barcus


Salish Kootenai College, Jerry Lamb


Salish Kootenai College, Tina Begay


Seely & Associates, H.D. Buck Brown


Senator Max Baucus, Field Representative Jim Corson


Senator Baucus- MSLA, Field Representative, Mary Tuckerman


Senator Jon Tester, Field Director, Cheryl Mac Arthur


Shake-n-Burger Hut, Arlene Dawes


Skari, Trudy, Trudy Skari


Small Business Administration, John Klamad


Small Business Administration, Randy Hanson


Snake River Basin Business Association, Christelle Edmo


The Salish Institute, Echo Brown


Thompson, Glen, Glen Thompson


Trinder Enterprises, Curtis Trinder and Charles Trinder


USDA Rural Development, Gloria Hawkins


WHEDA, Janet Bewley


White Wolf, Shawn, Shawn White Wolf


Wylon Plain Feather, Wylon Plain Feather


Wolff Technologies, LLC, Angela Wolff





For corrections or updates to this list, please contact MIBA at